Galvanized steel fences in various design are commonly used to protect boundary for a long duration. These Fences are composed by Panels connected to vertical supports with clamps or nut-bolt system.  They can be fixed in a permanent way with posts inserted in concrete footings buried in ground or semi-permanent style by bolting the posts to existing wall or base.  These fences are very good option as boundary fences  for residential and  commercial projects. Also, welded panel fences can be covereted to high security fences adding anti-climb security elements on top of fence.

  • Welded mesh fence
  • Deco fence
  • Anti-Climb fence
  • Palisade fence


A temporary fence is normally used to protect a construction site area during the project period. GI corrugated fences, Heras fence, barriers are commonly used depending upon the project condition and venue. All temporary fences are easy to fix and can be relocated from one site to another easily. They are also widely used in events for crowd control and protecting the boundary. Mahraj can supply all these fences for sales & rental as per client requirement.

  • GI Panel Fence
  • GI hoarding fences
  • Heras fence
  • Barrier

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