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There are many types of Barrier but most of them are famous as Police Barrier, Water Barrier and Heras Barrier. Fence, Blockade and enclosure are also in the same family of Barrier

Containers Designing

For safely dispatch of Cargo for a long distance, the shipping containers are in use, which are having suitable strength to control outside unwanted behaviors .


The usage of fence is common to cover or hide an area from the people, for unwanted access and for the controlling point of view, the fence are available in different types, sizes, and design


The Shades are not only to prevent you from rainfall, humidity and heat of the sun but also to make you feel comfortable once you are out of air conditioning system.


A display screen or asignboard, or a bill board, where anyone can display his or her products or company’s profile, which can be for any brand or name.


In this globalization era, every thing needs to be done in minimum short time, that’s why instead of concrete manufacturing, readymade structures are now very common and economical


Fabrication means to assemble, bending and cutting function, which can be for the manufacturing of machinery’ parts and structure to build from raw material to final shape of the metal