Heras Fence



Crowd Control BarrierFacilities to prevent the gate being blown shut and to prevent it from running out of its guide

Foot Type         : Concrete Foot, rubber foot

Surface    : Hot dipped galvanized & galvanized paint coated.

Size          : 2m x 3.5,2m x 3m (others if require)

Material : Mild steel



Transport   :   Yes

Installation:  Yes


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Mahraj fencing is the leading fencing supplier in uae,heras fencing is ideally used in construction site . it used to providing security and protection on building sites and at premises and events.we can provide best quality heras fence in uae and ksa. Mahraj is the manufacture of  heras fence

Heras Fence Panels are temporary mesh fence panels ideally used on construction sites.Heras fence is a design of temporary fence consisting of these individual fence panels. Often referred to as heras fencing or heris fencing, you can rest assured as a heras fencing supplier our Heras fence panels are heavy duty genuine Heras products. With accompanying pedestrian gates and vehicle gates, all of which are manufactured in the UAE, we can offer you great rates on all of your site fencing.

Temporary Heras fence panels are traditionally used for security purposes in the outdoor construction and events industry and greatly assist with the health and safety of such sites. To enhance the privacy of your site whilst also offering branding in high footfall areas why not take a look at our printed heras fence debris netting, coming custom made to suit your fences these are available printed with any graphics or logo you require.

Centre-to-centre distance of bars is 135 or 150 mm

Sliding gates of 7 m and more are available with a rear slam support

Sliding gates are available with conventional guideposts

Single or double-leaf; double-leaf configuration have a central slam support

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